How to associate our phone number to hotmail account


The alternative of associating a phone number in our e hotmail is that this option enabled mobile, account security is a bit more reserved. Usually, it is very effective when it comes to avoid future theft / account hacking. The number we provide in the account must be real and must be confirmed by a code sent to the mobile phone, to verify that the person really is and that the mobile phone is actually the owner of that email account hotmail and so to associate our phone number to our hotmail account.

associate hotmail phone

The system works in the following way, once you are sure that account has been stolen or perhaps forget and do not remember, but you need to restore a new one, if you choose the phone option offers a system login SMS key to reset the password for the official MSN Hotmail.

To activate and associate a mobile number to your email account hotmail must follow the following steps:

  • We join our email account giving hotmail login supply our email address and password.
  • Then go to the top of our inbox and we are in the button-shaped “ring” opens clickeamos as shown in the drop-down menu of various options, choose the one that says “More Options”
  • On the next screen we are at the “Manage Your Account”, once there look for “Account details” and we click.
  • When you open the new screen that asks us to see our email and our password, we entered and click login
  • Once you log in, we will see the new window that says “Edit Security”, we click and open a new page displaying options must be in the one that says “Phone Number” and click “Add”
  • When we click redirects you to another page that will allow us to finally add to our phone number to connect to the email account
  • We enter our phone number in the blank space and select the country of reference, in order to provide the corresponding characteristic
  • As a final method, we send a SMS (text message) to our mobile phone to confirm the phone number that you linked, if all goes well, we got the code and entered into the blank space, click “Next “and ready, we would have our mobile phone linked to the email account.

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