Automatic forwarding hotmail login emails to another account


Those users who have multiple email accounts spread around the world and not have time to review all or just want to send all your emails to a new email account, you can stop dreaming and do it from free hotmail.

In order to enable forwarding of emails to your hotmail account, Outlook and even to alternate mail client like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail Hotmail gives us the ability to forward all types of mail that arrives at our new account without going manually, everything is automatic. The fact that this system has been implemented recently was a constant wake up call for administrators of MSN Hotmail login, where many users asked for this option to be present at future renewals.

automatic hotmailcom login email

The good thing is that the activation and deactivation of this option can be made at any time of day, with just a few simple steps. Since you only need 2 or more email accounts login to activate this service with the forward automatic. For setting should only enter the menu “Manage Your Account” and then we click on the “Forward email”. Once you enter this screen, see the following page contains two options for the user, the first says “no follow”, this option is useful for those who have this option and want to disable it, the second says “Forward email to another email account “, this is the option to be used by users who want to reactivate forwarding service email, we will see that we ask, “where do you want to send your message?” respond with the email address to the you want to be sent all these messages. We just have to respond to the electronic mail ( Below you will find an option that should be marked with the click of a mouse, we asked whether we want to keep a copy of each message to be forwarded to another email account. If you want the copy to take place, you have to check this box, otherwise leave it running.

This tool can not be implemented from your cell phone but it is associated with hotmail account. To pair your mobile phone to hotmail, we invite you to read this article.

Once this whole procedure comes to an end, you must click “Save” and thus, our setup email forwarding is saved and every e-mail sent to that account, managed to be sent to the account of alternating hotmail email (outlook currently) has been provided to the configuration time or other as mentioned above (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

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  1. SandraSotoGrondona says:

    I have been logging in for years to Hotmail

    jus recently my password was not recognized and I had to reentered a new one.

    I enter and enter and enter, and now it is all gone! disconnected. I can not go back o my original account!
    my phone number is 415 269-7726

  2. amadou ly says:

    bonsoir,je n arrive pas a connecter avec mon iphone 4/s.

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