How to change our hotmail email username


Change name on is a simple task for those who know in depth the Hotmail platform. But those who almost never investigate the options offered by this mail from hotmail, is a difficult task.

hotmailcom change username login

To achieve the change username in our hotmail email account must use the options offered by this platform and some steps that will indicate then be renamed quickly without much time, so pay attention:

  • As always, the first thing we have to do is log in hotmail email, so we must provide our data system Login Hotmail (email address and password)
  • Once at our homepage, select your email username and then from the dropdown menu tick the “Options” tab.
  • When we go into the Options menu, select the option back to “E”.
  • In this new page that opens must click on “Account Details”.
  • Once done, a new window will automatically open the data we provide ourselves modifiable, including your name appear and beside a button that says “Change”, you click on it and take us to another page to achieve the change.
  • After we click displays a text field where you can enter the new name and last name you want to use for this email account hotmail.
  • When fully confident of the changes, we can click on the option that says “Save” at the bottom of the form and so the changes will be automatically on our home page of our hotmail email.

In this very easy will change the full name of your account with just a few simple steps that get us a long time, Microsoft style, always looking for convenience. For those users who do not want to change your name or a different actual one can also use a nickname or alias used. The system accepts any name, so I can play without problems nicknames and aliases to be rejected, although the number of characters used maybe if it’s a problem.

In its new platform, we are talking about the Outlook 2013 mail the procedure is the same as mentioned for hotmail. Just change where lies the drop down menu with options to achieve change personal data account hotmail email, including your name.

If you want to change your user name but it is in Hotmail and want to move outlook mail, click here to learn how to move from hotmail to outlook 2013.

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  1. i can not access to my e-mail.

  2. l cant get into my account and have put in the code but still locked out.

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