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Want to learn how to login? Then pay attention to the following article. We’ll show you all the steps you must follow in order to log into your account and open your hotmail email in a safe, easy and fast.

You can log in with your usual account, ie your hotmail email.

You go to the official hotmail site, but now see the Outlook platform, which is exactly the same, and then you enter your email address and password, and the system will update everything manually, depending on your preferences.

hotmailcom login outlook sign up

This will only change the interface you’re using, in this case Outlook. However, you can still use your hotmail account without any problem and normally; if you want to know how to move from hotmail to outlook new platform click here. This means you will not lose your contacts, your inbox will continue unchanged, and all emails that I receive will keep coming to that address.

Now, if you prefer, you can register a new account in Outlook and start from scratch with a new email.

Steps to Login

1. Enter the site

2. Type your email address in the first box blank (or

3. Put the password in the second box blank.

4. Click on the “Login” or press the “Enter” key.

Finally, if the place where you open your login problem is trusted (home or personal computer), we recommend you mark the box “keep the session started”. Thus, avoid entering your details each time you want to open the hotmail mail.

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  1. murglen says:

    can i have my mail sent to
    i can not get in my mail

  2. June Mira says:

    no comments

  3. ghania zehra says:

    please help my facebook

  4. all of my e-mails and all else and I can’t get into my account

  5. xristina says:


  6. Jackie says:

    I just got a new computer and can not access my Hotmail. Please help me, everytime I try, I keep getting the new outlook email, and none of my old Hotmail stuff is there.

  7. i been having problems getting in to my email i never hsd problems before as it changed.cause just a few days from today i was able to login please let me kn what i need to do. thank you

  8. cew says:

    I can’t get login password to work

  9. efren says:

    I can’t logg in idk why please help

  10. gerelin says:

    where is my mail from my live account// how do I get into live email

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