How to move from Hotmail to Outlook


Many of us have wondered how to move from Hotmail to Outlook. The truth is simpler than it seems. We will tell you later in this article. First, you should know that login and will be disappearing and that, as in 2013, the farewell to the old interface is closer. So how do you switch from Hotmail to Outlook?  Is there any way? The answer is simpler than you think, and the truth is that you should not do “almost” anything to move to the new Hotmail 2013. Microsoft automatically update your account.

hotmail outlook 2013 change

Similarly, we tell you how it goes from login to and not get lost in the attempt: An easy way is accessing your account at site, enter your email address and password to log hotmail and the system will automatically move to Outlook. If you prefer, you can try to connect to Once you enter the site, you need to do the same on Hotmail. You enter your data via normal email account hotmail, and click to register in the new interface. Anyway, will be replaced by Outlook Hotmail this year, so that all users can transfer, without changing your bills, your personal emails or information.

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  1. Ron Edwards says:

    How do i get back to my hotmail acount how that i have i still have people emailing that accoubt

  2. glenn sam says:

    I would like to close this email..

  3. can’t open my account

  4. Can’t open my accaunt

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